The Art of Fashion Wrapping

Creating a beautiful and amazing fashion art piece is such an art! But, the most important aesthetic involved in the whole process is to beautifully drape it that makes everyone go awe for its awesomeness. Fashion draping, therefore, is the most crucial as well as the most artistic step involved in the art of beautifully arranging or creating fashion costume. What makes fashion draping so important and artistic is the fact that it is a process of clothing arrangement to loosely or casually giving form to a fashion dress piece. It is very important because, through this procedure, the dress gets a proper shape or a form of how it will look at the final end.....

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Special Day

The wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Every bride dreams of this day, pictures herself walking down the aisle to her soulmate in the perfect gown.
When shopping for a wedding gown there are many things to consider and most important of all is finding the wedding gown that fits your style, attitude and of course your figure, perfectly...

Every Bride's Ultimate Guide to Choose Lehenga According to Height

Know it already girls, bridal lehenga shopping is the most important part of your wedding preparations. It defines your bridal look and well, is there anything more significant than that? Nahhh! That's why we leave no stone unturned to give you all that it takes to look like a dream in a gorgeous bridal lehenga on the D-day. Whether it is telling you about how to carefully shop for the lehenga and.....

Match your Hairstyle with your Dream Wedding Dress Neckline Perfectly

Up in a bun, down and loose, braided or natural, choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding dress neckline entails more than just picking a hairdo that looks beautiful. Choosing the best wedding hairstyle should get as much attention as choosing a wedding date and venue. Your hairdo should beautifully compliment your wedding dress neckline, accentuating the amazing and unique details and show off your best features. From a bun and ponytail to side hairdos and down and loose, we have the perfect wedding dress neckline & hairstyle matches for romantic and soft or classy and graceful looks: